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New RB site! (posted by Seamus, 22 Feb 2007, 10:38)

Hello there - I just discovered this great new resource to one of my favoured travel writers and Northern Irish lyricists. This has been long outstanding and I much look forward finding more details here about Robert Harbinson!


Obituary (posted by Jim, 15 Feb 2007, 21:33)

Can you recommend a good Robin Bryans obituary? The only one I've seen was published in The Guardian.

Robin Bryans' dates (posted by Peter, 11 Feb 2007, 13:41)

No-one seems to have mentioned here that Robin Bryans was born on 24th April 1928 and died on 11th June 2005.

EastSide Arts (posted by Roger Courtney, 8 Jun 2005, 08:19)

EastSide Arts is keen to promote awareness of Robin Bryans and his work in East Belfast. I have two questions:
Where can we get hold of his later books: Checkmate, Blackmail and Whitewash, Let the Petals Fall and The Dust has never settled?
What librettos or lyrics did he write?
Roger Courtney


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