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Friends of Robin Bryans

During his colourful and eventful life, Robin Bryans met and befriended many interesting and well known people. Here is a list of some of them:

Julian Anderson
Hermione Baddeley
George Balcombe
Sir John Barbirolli
Samuel Beckett
Karen Blixen
Anthony Blunt
Keith Bramich
Second Viscount 'Peter' Churchill
Noel Coward
Eileen Cullen
Kathleen Ferrier
Denys Hawthorne
Countess Adeline de la Feld
Lawrence Leonard
Edward Lowbury
Louis MacNeice
Patrick Magee
Patrick McClellan
Robin Middleton
Oscar Niemeyer
Halina Malnyk
Ivor Novello
Hedi Pillitz
Dame Flora Robson
Daniel Schorno
Diana Springall
Vilem Tausky
Second Viscount Tredegar
Mrs Mabel Wills

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